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Go underground with untested tools, reach all given goals. · By rogerty


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The visual feedback update & more
Hello traveler! This is a list of all in game mutations. Enjoy going through the list. V1.0.3 Addition - Day 9: visual feedback added to show that holding the s...
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The trailer update
A new update + I have finished making a trailer for KIWAYA - New in this update: - achievements - intro music - level starting up music - various visual effects...
Giant worm
New in this update is a giant worm. (among other things) What does the worm do? It randomly spawns and passes by. If you come nearby, it will destroy you. What...
Update: giant worm, fireplace, slime & more
Update! What’s new in v0.8.6? Additions - Visual: additional underground background graphics. - Visual: when bugs get destroyed: slime! - Visual: fireplace +...
Update! What’s new in v0.8.5?
Update! What’s new in v0.8.5? Additions - Visual: falling water drops (within the cave area) - Visual: foreground layers with rocks and dust - adding depth...
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Update! What’s new in v0.8.4?
Update! What’s new in v0.8.4? Changes - Day 5 - day 11 is now playable. Fixes - Some weapons were visible at the start of the level when the player was not vi...
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New update! What’s new in v0.8.3?
New update! What’s new in v0.8.3? Additions - Ping-Wee blinks. Changes - Added “in development”-notice on the title screen. - The first loading/logo scree...
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New update! What’s new in v0.8.2?
Additions Your house now has an outside view. There are now 3 coloured stones: yellow (weak), orange (medium) and red (strong). Changes Day 4: enemies blink...
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