Update: giant worm, fireplace, slime & more

Update! What’s new in v0.8.6?

- Visual: additional underground background graphics.

- Visual: when bugs get destroyed: slime!

- Visual: fireplace + animated fire

- Vacuum Robot


- The door started open en closed by itself. Changed to: the door starts closed. - Tutorial text disappears more quickly.

- Day 3: +5 seconds.

- Day 4: the moment of being able to shoot has changed.

- Day 4: small HUD changes.

- Day 6: More bugs to shoot.

- Crosshair made lighter

- visual: decreased amount of dust a bit

- Ping-Wee: small text changes

- Quiting & restarting the game did not work correctly.
- Ping-Wee and text was partially visible when a goal was reached.
- Enemies would not show being hit when using day 4 gun.
- Small changes to the timing of Ping-Wee’s text on day 4.
- The hearts were visible at the start of the level, when the player was not yet visible.
- Day 11: fixed arrow displayment issues.
- Day 11: fixed the end screen not displaying correctly.
- Day 2: shotgun reloading sprite was visible in the toilet.
- After a restart of the game, day was set to 1. Fixed to use saved data.


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