Update 7 apr 2023: changed many things. v0.93 i call this update.
Update 27 mar 2023: v0.92: tiny changes, fixes and clearification.
Update 25 mar 2023: v0.91: new background, new soccer mode.
Update 14 feb 2023: Currently working on 3rd game mode, graphics, bugs.
Update 4 feb 2023: Currently working on audio, polish and bugs.

What is Poxa Ball
Touch the ball more often than your opponents.
Short rounds, multiple players, fast action.
Local multiplayer with 3 players or optionally with computer controlled players.

What is unique about Poxa Ball

Simple ingredients (3 players and a ball) can make a fun game.
3 game modes: touch the ball to get points, don't touch the lava ball and an original take on soccer.


- 3 game modes (don't touch the lava ball, soccer, touch to win)
- keyboard or controller
- no ads
- no tracking
- family friendly
- original music

Stay in touch
Twitter: @rogertygames

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