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Version 1.0.1 brings a lot of new things. (21 changes in total)
The biggest additions can be seen on the image:
* Night: now it is possible to experience the journey at night and while this happens, fireflies appear and crickets play their songs.
* The body of the flower can be transformed into 2 more entities: a worm figure and or clone appears for a short time.

Did you add anything new? (4 additions)

  • 3 flowers to choose from

  • Night! After a while it gets darker, animals start to sleep and...

  • … fireflies join you to accompany you at night.

  • 2 body-changing items are introduced: the worm and clone.

Did you change anything? (7 changes)

  • Butterflies are now always behind clouds, instead of in front of

  • The body-changing icon is changed: from 2 different icons to a new one.

  • Grass graphics are improved

  • Plant graphics, where the ladybug walks on, are improved

  • Health bar has been made thinner

  • Water item disappeared too quickly when reaching the bottom. Made it last untill not on screen anymore.

  • The butterfly item (touch to create butterflies) was showing in the “Relaxing” game mode. Changed it to only show in the “Regular” mode (because this is the “adventure” mode).

6 fixes and 4 dark changes are included in the full change log (included in the purchase and posted on

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